Westenbrink (2008)

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Filmposter for the PPJR Productions film "Westenbrink" (2008).


When het father passes away, Manon Westenbrink and her best friend Paul start searching for her mother. While Manon clings to the hope of finding her lost family, her boyfriend Joshua struggles to support her when she needs it the most.

“Westenbrink” is structured as a triptych: in the first part, “Westenbrink”, Manon searches for her mother; in “The Murder of Manon Westenbrink” Paul tries to find out what happened to Manon; and in “The Limits of Love” we dive deeper into Manon and Joshua’s troubled relationship.


Main Cast

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Supporting Cast

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Movie Scenes

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We wish to thank…

  • Café Brink 5
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Rock Club De Nul
  • Hotel Van der Valk Hengelo
  • P1-Parking
  • Police District Twente
  • Key Specialist Havekes
  • Twentsche Courant Tubantia
  • RTV Oost
  • Omrop Fryslân
  • Bob Rodenburg
  • Martin Verwer
  • The Razenberg, Hof, Bijkerk and ten Broek families