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About the Guideline

Welcome to the official PPJR Media SEO Guideline, written by PPJR Media to provide comprehensive insights and best practices for professionals and webmasters navigating the dynamic field of search engine optimization.

Over the years, our Guideline has been used as the backbone of several prominent online marketing agencies in Europe, and it has been used to set up academic programs, marketing courses, and more. The Guideline and its principles lie at the heart of our Online Marketing Suite, designed to help online marketing agencies strive within the competitive field of online marketing, and our Online Marketing Academy, which has been used to train SEO professionals across Europe.

We are proud to have schooled over 100 industry professionals using the data and information described within our Guideline, and it has been an amazing ride witnessing them grow and advance into senior positions within our vibrant industry.

The PPJR Media SEO Guideline contains…

  • 290 pages of expert knowledge on SEO
  • A holistic overview of every aspect of organic search
  • Detailed sections on Technical SEO, Content Optimization, and Link Building
  • Niche sections on Mobile SEO, Local SEO, International SEO, Emoji SEO, and more
  • A full-service long-term strategical plan for SEO
  • Instructions for writing SEO Content
  • A handy index for finding out more about specific SEO terms
  • …and much, much more!

Simply said; we aim to offer you the definitive industry guideline for SEO. From explaining the basics of SEO and the working of search engine algorithms to factors influencing E-E-A-T scores, in-depth technical analysis, keyword research, and much, much more, every facet of SEO is thoroughly detailed. The PPJR Media SEO Guideline will answer any question you might have about SEO!

Industry Insights

The PPJR Media SEO Guideline was first created in late 2016, and has been updated over 850 times since. Representing almost a decade’s worth of knowledge, research, and industry insights, we are proud to have seen it grow to become one of the most extensive guides on SEO in the world. In 2023-2024, we spent six months revising and re-editing the entire guideline, incorporating hundreds of new data points. It also marked the moment we first released our Guideline to the general public.

Best Practices

As with all secret recipes, no one can claim to know exactly what makes the algorithms of search engines such as Google tick. While most aspects of SEO contribute to the creation of a more satisfying user experience, aligning with Google’s ranking criteria, they might not all be directly classified as ranking signals. To prevent search engine manipulation, Google’s representatives are usually – and perhaps luckily – coy on outright confirming or denying actual ranking factors. That, of course, has not kept us industry professionals from trying to figure out the basics of how search systems work.

While there are exceptions to every rule – as Google Search Advocate John Mueller’s notorious phrase “it depends” will tell you, all facts and recommendations within this SEO Guideline have been trialed and tested multiple times by numerous industry professionals across a client database of over 1,000 businesses representing thousands of websites operating around the world.

From the industry, for the industry

Drawing on the collective expertise of the SEO industry, we hope to offer you an extensive deep dive in SEO – and all that it comprises. From basic topics such as crawling and indexation, core updates, SEO tools, and the working of algorithms, to the hundreds of aspects of Technical SEO, SEO Content, and Authority, our Guideline is written to accommodate both starters and seasoned professionals.

Whether you are seeking to deepen your understanding of industry fundamentals or seeking innovative solutions to complex issues, this guideline is your go-to companion for navigating the intricacies of the magical world of Search Engine Optimization.

Pim Razenberg

Online Marketing Consultant

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