PPJR Media

Stories to Inspire

At PPJR / Media, we believe media can be used to bring people together and to make cultural and social issues discussable in an artistic and creative way.

Stories can inspire or activate us, they can be educational, and they can make emote us. Therefore, to us communication is of the essence: whether it concerns a technical SEO campaign to help a client become more visible in the online world, or the production of a creative new video, the message we hope to convey takes center stage.

From video and photography to online marking campaigns, at content creation agency PPJR / Media we are always committed to delivering the highest quality content.

SEO and Online Marketing Solutions

In recent years, founder Pim Razenberg supported various online marketing agencies in developing their internal processes and output. By developing new strategies and tools and designing smart, flexible templates to reduce workload, his work makes the lives of both junior and senior (SEO) specialists a little easier while at the same time actively working towards the achievement of business goals.

Keeping in mind the growth objectives of both company and customers, Razenberg enjoys providing specialists the support and training they need to promote their self-development and create a sense of agency.

Razenberg is the author of one of the most complete SEO Guidelines on the internet. His SEO Guidelines were first published in 2018 and have been updated monthly since, to incorporate market developments.

Social Media

Two of our biggest social media successes are the creation of the labels The Bite-Sized Backpacker en The Instaplushies.

The Bite-Sized Backpacker

The Bite-Sized Backpacker is a travel blog named after travel mascot Fluffy, a small, adventurous leopard stuffed animal who travels the world, and has visited over 50 countries. The blog features several comprehensive travel guides for destinations such as New Zealand and Australia and also works hard to raise money for the welfare of wild cats, and the preservation of their habitats.

The Bite-Sized Backpacker is known for his work as a travel influencer on Instagram and the publication of the book Fluffy’s Adventures: Southeast Asia & the Pacific.

The Instaplushies

Instagram has more than 20,000 different accounts focused on the daily lives of stuffed animals; The Instaplushies gives them all a home within the ‘plushie community’. Feautring over 7,000 active members, The Instaplushies is the number one platform for plushie lovers.

Fluffy's Adventures: Fluffy in the Outback.
Fluffy travels the Australian Outback (Credit: The Bite-Sized Backpacker)